Live Well is our healthy eating brand with a portfolio of tasty, balanced recipes designed by our nutritionists and chefs. Calorie labelling and educational resources help our customers to make the best choices for their diet and lifestyle. Our range includes breakfast, lunch, snacking, beverages and bakery items, to support our customers with portion-controlled choices throughout the day.


We cook using fats which are low in saturates. Olive oil is used in dressings and salsas and rape seed oil is used for frying (however we try to grill or bake our products as much as we can). When required we can also source products which are lower in saturates such as dairy and we endeavour to use leaner cuts of red meat when featured on our menus.

Salt & Sugar 

Where possible, we cook with minimal salt and sugar, preferring to use herbs, spices, marinades or natural sweeteners to give our food flavour.

Cooking Methods 

We steam and grill as much as possible. Steaming locks in flavour, grilling is low fat and both methods ensure the meat, fish or vegetables retain as many of their nutrients as possible.

Dietary Information & informed choices 

Where required we strive to provide menu options to suit various diets including, but not exclusive to, low GI, low fat, wheat free, dairy free and vegan. Any nutritional information that is supplied over and above manufacturers’ information is vetted by our team before being displayed to our customers.